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Put New Ink Cartridges in HP LaserJet 600 M602 Printer

Putting a new ink cartridge into an HP Laser Jet 600 M602 printer is easy to do.  If you have other similar network printers you will find that the process of replacing the ink toner is virtually identical. This post will show you how to remove the old cartridge and put the replacement toner into the printer in a snap.

Step 1

Open the top lid by lifting it upward. It will lift up and away from you like any. There is an opening on the left side of the printer where you can put your fingers into that make it easier to lift this lid.

Step 2

There is a large panel door in the front of the printer.  Go ahead and open this door as well. The door opens sort of like an old castle drawbridge. Pull down and toward you.

It is not entirely necessary to open this door. You can still access the printer ink without opening this door but by opening it you will have more room to operate.

Opening Front Panel on HP 600 M602
View Inside Printer with Front Panel Opened
Step 3

Remove the old toner cartridge by grasping it in the center and pulling it slightly upward toward you. It should slide out without much effort.

Step 4

Remove the new ink toner cartridge from the box and then remove the plastic seal that cover the ink.  Some people shake the ink cartridge a bit before removing the plastic but I never shake it and it works aOK for me.

Step 5

Then insert the cartridge in the same direction and fashion as you took the old one out.

Step 6

Close the front panel and then shut the top lid.

Step 7

The printer will make some noise and you'll hear it running a while as it gets to know the new ink (so to speak :-)   Once the printer stops running you are all clear to start printing again.

I hope that helps you to put that new ink toner into your HP 602 M600 LaserJet printer.

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  1. Beware of cheap products other merchants that can leak or damage your printer. Very accurate blog posting.^_^

  2. thanks this was very helpful and easy to follow

  3. very easy to understand, it helped me.. thanks! i will try it next time when i use this hp ink cartridges