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How to Make Coffee In Bunn O Matic Coffee Pot

Making coffee in a Bunn o Matic coffee pot is easy to. I am going to describe how to make a pot of coffee using a Bunn coffee maker. This article is best suited for people who are using a Bunn coffee brewer that gets its water supply directly from nearby plumbing. In other words, you press a button and water dispenses into the coffee funnel and into the pot automatically. There is no need for your to pour water into the machine yourself. This is also referred to as “direct water feed”

This article presumes that you already have the coffee maker professionally installed and properly plumbed into your water line.

This works best with Bunn equipment but might help you with other versions as well.
Here’s how to make the coffee.

Step 1

Pull Out the coffee funnel (which is that try that holds the filter and ground coffee). Discard old filter and coffee and put a new clean filter in the funnel.

Remove Coffee Funnel
Add New Clean Filter

Step 2

Put coffee in the brewer. Use the recommended amount of coffee. I use a 10 cup coffee maker so I use those pre ground and measured packs, usually 1.50 ounce packs (figure range of 1.25 to 2.25 oz works for 10 cup maker)

Step 3

Put the funnel with the new coffee filter back into the brewer where you got it from.
Step 4

Put an empty coffee pot on the burner beneath the funnel where the coffee will dispense. Make absolutely sure that the coffee pot is empty. Most , if not all, plumbed in Bunn brewers pour the correct amount of coffee into the pot by using a timer. If the pot is half full already, the brewer won’t know when to stop and it will spill over.

Step 5

There is a switch on the front of the coffee maker that turns the burner beneath the pot on. The switch lights up when it is on. Turn it on so that the burner beneath the pot will start to warm up.

Step 6

You don’t have to wait for the burner to warm up. The water will come out of the Bunn O Matic really hot to begin with. Press the black rocker switch on the front of the unit (near the burner switch) and you’ll hear the water begin to flow.

Step 7

Wait for the pot to fill up and serve.

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  1. This is really a nice post and easy way to prepare coffee In Bunn O Matic Coffee Pot