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Why Poured Water Won't Come Out Bunn Coffee Machine Brewer

Pour Over Chamber Lid (Closed)
I have to start off with a disclaimer that I don't represent bunn or claim and expertise on repairing Bunn-O-Matic Coffee machines. That said, as a coffee drinker I have used this kind of equipment heavily both to drink coffee and for professional, work purposes so I do have some knowledge on the topic ;-)

It sounds as though you have poured water through the screen at the top of your Bunn Coffee Machine and no water is coming out. There are a number of possible reasons you are not seeing water fill the coffee pot but only one that I can speak with any remote expertise (and I mean really, really "remote" expertise) and that your issue is related to how you are filling the tank.

The Model Of The Brewer
If you are using a model C Bunn coffee maker you definitely need to directly pour your own water in the equipment at the top of the machine as opposed to running it directly from you plumbing. All or most of the plumbed versions (CT, CTF, CWT, CWTA, CWTB, CWTF, CWTFA, CWTFB Single CW, Single CWF) I believe all have a 'hatch' at the top that will allow you to water directly into the machine.

Is The Tank Empty?

If you are using a brand new (or used purchased) Bunn O Matic Pot for the very first time, the tank in the coffee machine is completely empty. I have no idea how much water your tank holds but one pitcher of water might not be enough to fill the tank. You need to fill the tank first and then any other subsequent adding of water will result in the excess water leaving the tank and pouring into your coffee pitcher sitting on the burner under the filter funnel.

Pour Over Screen With Lid Open
Steps To Fill Tank and Get Water Pouring Into Pot
I know this process works for Bunn O Matic C Series Machine but it probably works for others as well.

For C Series (I recommend keeping an empty pitcher on the burner beneath where the water comes out in case the water suddenly starts coming.)

1. Make sure the heater switch in back of the machine is set to 'Off'

2. Pour one coffee pitcher of water into the pour over screen at the top of the Unit. Be sure to use the coffee pitcher that is provided for the machine

3. Wait two minutes as this will allow the water enough time to run into the tank

4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 two more times so that you have added a total of three pitchers. Make sure you allow two minutes between each pitcher poured.

5. Now, on model C your tank is full (again this may vary from yours). If you experience water coming out before you fill it three times, your tank is smaller than a C series so stop as it is full. Just let the water pour into the pot under the dispenser.

6. Go ahead and turn the heater switch you turned 'off' in step on to 'ON'. On Bunn O Matic makers when you fill them for the first time, you want to let it sit for 20 minutes. Keep the pot under where the water comes out as some dripping may occur when you do this for the first time.

7. Now, you have a tank full of coffee ready hot water. Now when you pour another pitcher into the tank water will come out. Go ahead, add your filter, add your ground coffee and make yourself a cup of fresh coffee.

What If The Pot is Overflowing or Under Filling?

You are really only going to have this problem on Bunn units that are directly plumbed into a water line as opposed to pour-over type units.  If you are having trouble getting the right amount of water to dispense into the pot, you'll of course wind up with a wimpy cup of coffee (too much water) or a robust, nasty cup of Joe (too little water).  I wrote an article that will teach you how to change the amount of water that empties into a pitcher when using Bunn units.  Click Here To Read This Article.

OK, What Coffee Should I Put in My Pot?

Well, now we are getting a little more subjective.  I have no idea. There are so many great brands of coffee out there to choose from that I wouldn't know where to start.  I do drink a lot of Ellis coffee as well as a lot of Maxwell House coffee, so I did do a comparison of the two. The article linked below compares the two and will direct you to a more thorough review of these coffee brands. Check out the link below.

Maxwell House or Ellis? The Better of These Two Brands Of Coffee

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  1. Thank you ever so much. I cleaned up and plugged in a Bunn that was here at a friend's house, and it just wasn't doing anything, but it being a Bunn I thought surely it was something I was doing, and the answer was yes but no...Bunn should really write it on the machine for those who don't really realize that the thing has a larger than usual tank versus the usual coffee maker that one normally runs across. Your blog came up in a google search, and was perfect solution, so I thank you and my headaches thank you {I have to have x amount of caffeine a day to keep the migraines at bay, seriously}.