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Crop PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro X - Show Only Part of Page

Cropping a PDF is great when you only want to save a portion of the PDF page.  Say you just want to keep a section of text or an image on a PDF and wanted to eliminate the rest of the document surrounding that text or image you would crop this document

If you want to crop a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro X so that only the part of the page you want appears, you have come to the right place. Just follow the steps below. If you don't yet know how to scan a PDF, check out this post first, otherwise keep reading....

Follow these steps.

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Drag Over Area You Want To Leave on PDF
Step 1 - Create or open your PDF file as you normally would

Step 2 - The Click Tools. On Adobe Acrobat Pro X you'll find "Tools" on the upper right side. It appears as if it is just plain text but it really functions as a button so click on it.

Step 3 - A variety of options will open up on the right side of the screen. Look for "Crop" "Crop" is between the "Replace" and "Split Document" commands. Click on Crop

Step 4 - Then drag your cursor over the area you want to keep in your document. That is to say, the area you want to show off, keep visible, focus on, etc, drag that area. For this article we'll drag over text portion. This will cause everything else to be cropped (deleted, removed, etc from the page) except the text. 

Press the enter key on your computer keyboard.

Step 5 - A "Set Page Boxes" Window will appear. Here you can fine tune the dimensions of the area you have dragged out. You can also modify the page size and the page range. When you are finished with this page click "OK"

Only the text will remain. The portion outside of the area you dragged, the cropped portion, will have been cropped. Gone from view forever.

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Cropped PDF.  Only The Selected Area Remains
I hope that helps.  If you want to add comments to your PDF document using Pro X you can do that too. Ever use one of those Post-It notes?  This works the same way.  I wrote an article on how to comment directly on an Acrobat PDF. Check it out. I linked the post below

Putting an electronic post-it on PDF

If you want to cross out information on a PDF but leave it visible for others to see you will want to add a strikethrough line.  This can be done electronically so to speak right on the PDF.   I linked an easy to follow step by step post below on how to do this.

How to Cross Out Info on PDF

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  1. The hyperlink for "How to Cross Out Info on PDF" is wrong.

  2. You Are so Right! Thanks for pointing that out. Thanks for reading my post on cropping pdfs

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