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Strike Through Line on Text - Pro X Adobe Acrobat PDF

If you want to put a strike through line through text on an Adobe Acrobat Pro X PDF you created then you have come to the right place. A strike through line is a line that runs through text on your PDF. The text remains visible but it is clear that the text has been crossed out.

A lot of people don't realize they can manipulate the information inside a PDF but you can.

If you want to put a cross out line through your text on an PDF you created using Acrobat Pro X follow these step by step instructions. It is easy to do.

Step 1 - Open PDF

Open your Adobe Acrobat Pro X PDF as you normally would.

Step 2 - Highlight The Text

Highlight the text by dragging your cursor over the word or words you want to want to run a strike thru line through.

Step 3 - Right Click Over The Part You Highlighted

Now right click and select "Cross Out Text" in the menu that appears.

Step 4 - Strike Through Line Appears

Now you'll see the strike through line. The information you selected now appears as if it has been crossed out.

I hope that helps!

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