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Tools Missing on Blogger Tool Bar ?

If you begin to write a post on your Blogger blog and find that there are tools missing from the tool bar don't fret. You might be missing the text color, highlight colors, bullets, alignment etc. 

If you notice that a ton of those buttons are missing and only your bold, italic, abc with line throught it, etc you are simply on the wrong tab.

On Blogger, you can compose an article on the "compose" tab, which shows you the text as you see it here right now, or you can use the "Edit HTML" tab, which will show you everything in HTML code.  If you are missing much of the tools it is likely because you are in the "Edit HTML" mode instead of "Compose"

To fix this, simply look to the top right corner and click the "Compose" tab and all of the missing buttons will appear again.

Hope that helps!

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