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Cross Scripting on Blogspot Blogger - How to Stop IE Message

OK, I am no expert on cross scripting. I do know that one day I decided to experiment with using other templates on one of my Blogger Blogs  and every time I selected a different template design I would get a message stating that Internet Explorer (IE) is preventing cross scripting.

From rudimentary research it sounds like cross scripting can really make your computer vulnerable to PC security risks.  I'd delve more into this but honestly I'd just be plagiarizing Wikipedia so check it out for yourself if you want details.

The more I kept trying to view the template, the more I'd get the IE message telling me the cross scripting is blocked. I wanted to work around this message since it was slowing down my writing process. That said, I certainly did not want to put my PC at risk. I just wanted to continue to work on my blog.

Basically, I closed out IE, rebooted and tried again using Mozilla as my browser.   After that, I did not get any more script messages. Hopefully this isn't some half assed work around that will wind up crucifying me later (which is a habit of mine by the way, self-cruxifiction, that is). 

Soon I reverted back to IE and was not seeing any more warnings using IE either.

Did I do the right thing?  Let me know if you have any thoughts. It did allow me to get back onto my template project.  I have heard that IE can be a little over-cautious when it comes to warnings. This is probably not a bad thing but likely creates a lot of false-alarms. Would love to hear from you in comments below if you have any knowledge on this.

If you are wondering, the templates I reviewed were simply on Blogger's standard, stock, template choices. These were not on some odd ball so-called "Google Approved" third party template website.

I hope that lends some insight.

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