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Get Free Water Filtration Cooler Systems or Bottle Coolers

Bottleless Water Cooler
"Bottle Water Coolers" or "Bottled Coolers" are those water coolers with those big tanks or jugs on top.  If you haven't seen them at your own workplace, you may have seen them in movies where workers are standing around them gossiping about the boss or whatever.
5 Gal Jugs For "Bottle" Coolers

"Water Filtration Cooler Systems" is really just a fancy way of saying water cooler  that do not have the bottle on top of them.  Don't mistake these water coolers for those old junky, metal water fountains you'd find down the hall of some hospital or bus stop. These coolers look just like the coolers with bottles described above but they, of course, have no bottle. Water comes from your local plumbing but this cooler has a filter system that cleans the water.

There are ways to get these bottle and bottleless fountains for free.  We'll sort of....

The ones with the jug on top you can definitely get for free or for very little rent if you drink lot of water.  Keep this in mind if you are buying these on behalf of a  company or  institution (maybe even your home ) where you are using a lot of water bottles.  If you plan use a lot of water bottles, shop around and ask local bottled water companies how many bottles a month will you need to buy in order to get a cooler unit or units at no charge.  Their money is made by you drinking water and paying by the bottle. They are in the business of selling bottled water. They might 'give' you the fountain in exchange for knowing you'll buy  a lot of water fromthem. If plan to purchase jugs frequently, ask them upfront if you can get a unit for free (no rent).  You might get lucky and get one at no charge versus buying one or paying rent.

Bottleless filtration systems... OK, I might be lying when I say you can get these for 'free.'  Bottless water filtration coolers you will never truly get at no charge. Companies that provide this equipment make a profit both selling and renting these units.  That said, renting one might be the better alternative to spending a lot of money upfront to buy.

Is free possible? Maybe. If you are a charitable institution, a poor school or some organization that can generate  some public sympathy, you might be able to get the cooler company to waive the charges if they can get some good PR (public relations) out of it.  I can't promise this though.  

No charge or not, before you go and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars up front for this type of water fountain, check into renting first. You might be able to rent at a fraction of the cost of purchasing.  

If you are going to need multiple fountains, negotiate the rent to a lower price.  Also try to get the installation charge for free and see if they will do the filter changes for free. Make sure any service charges come at no charge.  Negotiate, negotiate. Don't be afraid to ask.

Need some help with negotiating?  Here are some tips to keep in mind

So, OK, which is better to buy or rent or whatever? Is a bottless cooler better than a bottle cooler?  I wrote an article on the topic and linked it here. I have a lot of experience with both types of water systems. Check it out and see what is right for you to have in your home or office
Learn Some Typical Negotiation Tactics - Click Here


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