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How to Find Your Network Key Code Router Password

If you run into an issue where you need your Network Key Code you might find yourself scrambling to see where you wrote that passcode down.  This password is needed from time to time when you are working on or setting up your computer network / wireless router.

I last needed the Network Key Code when I found myself running into problems printing wireless on HP Photosmart printer.  I could not seem to connect to the router, had issues with ports and other connection issues. The solution I found required me to enter this pass code and I was beside myself.  It had been so long since I used this password that I had forgotten it.  Even worse, I discovered that I never wrote the code down somewhere in case I forgot it.

I figured I was among thousands of PC users who had lost their own key codes in the past so I wasn't too hard on myself.  I also figured that it must be on my PC somewhere.

It was certainly was!

Here is where I found the code. Keep in mind I am running Microsoft PC Windows 7

Go to control panel - network and internet - network and sharing center

Next to the phrase "access type connections" click on the link "Wireless Network Connection"

-A window will pop up - click 'wireless properties' button

When the next window pops up, click the 'security' tab at top. Within this tab your network security key will appear in the center of the window.

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If it appears like all dots ****** check off the box "Show Characters" and the dots will be replaced by your Network Code and it will appear.

Now you are the master of your wireless router computer network again.  I hope that helps!  Please check out some of my other posts. I'd really appreciate it!

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  1. It seems there is no option in Windows XP to "show characters" - I just have the dots and don't seem to be able to access the key. Any advice?

  2. Thanks for reading my post and thank you for the comment. Wow, I'm surprised you got that far. I did some searching on the internet and haven't found the answer. Unfortunately, I don't have access to an XP computer any more so I can't play with it to find it for XP.

    I'm sure you are looking in the right place, but if "show characters" is there and you are missing it, look just below the dots and you'll see a check box with "show characters" next to it. Again, for XP I'm not sure if this is the case and you may have discovered it isn't there already but just trying to take a shot in the dark here :-)

    Thanks again! If you find the answer, please send me a link or let me know. Would love to know