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How to Increase Virtual Memory Windows

How to Increase Virtual Memory Windows

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Increase Virtual Memory Windows
Have you ever received that message on your computer "Your system is running low on virtual memory" ? Here's an easy way to fix increase your virtual memory on windows . This works best for XP but is very similar for other versions. Please read on :-)



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      Basically your computer is low on RAM when you get this message. RAM is basically the (virtual) memory being used when you are running programs. It is something you can generally increase, right at home, for free.
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      First, determine how much RAM your computer actually has. Do this by....
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      Go to the start menu and click My computer.
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      You'll see 'View System Information' at the top of the window. Click on this...
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      Click on the 'general' tab in the upper left of the window that appears. Toward bottom of window you'll see the RAM measured in mbs or gbs (located right about the system information button) .... remember this number or write it down.. very important.... and don't close this window yet...
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      Click on the 'advanced' tab located at the top right of this window...
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      Right below this there is a section titled 'Performance' click on the 'settings' button in this section....
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      Click on the 'advanced' tab in the window that appears (it is the middle tab at the top of the window)
    • 9
      At the bottom of this window, there is a section titled 'Virtual Memory' click on the 'change' button in this section....
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      OK... remember the number I asked you to remember or write down in step 5 above?? Multiply this number by 1.5. For example, if your existing RAM (Virtual Memory) is 1.0 gbs or 1000 mbs, when you multiply by 1.5 you'll now have 1500 mbs...
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      Enter the total you've calculated into BOTH the 'Initial Size (MB)' field and the 'Maximum Size (MB)' field.....
    • 12
      Click the 'set' button.....
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      Click OK....
    • 14
      You'll be asked to restart your computer. Save any work you have in progress and click OK again. Restart your computer....
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      Once your computer restarts, your computer will now 'realize' it has additional virtual memory and you will have better performance. You now know how to increase virtual memory windows

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