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How to Use Varnish to Finish Wood

How to Use Varnish to Finish Wood

Varnishing wood is not very difficult but it does take a little patience as you are all but guaranteed to do more than one coat. That said, it give the wood a nice, protected finish. Read on to learn How To Use Varnish to Finish Wood

Moderately Easy


    • 1
      Be sure the wood surface your are going to varnish is free of dust and dirt. Be sure the old finish is removed (bare wood)
    • 2
      The next step is to use the varnish as a primer or a sealer. Find yourself a good lint free cloth...
    • 3
      Put a rubber glove on your hand in order to keep the varnish off.
    • 4
      Dip the lint free cloth into the varnish. You don't have to dunk the whole cloth, just dip enough to start spreading onto the wood.
    • 5
      Work the varnish along the grain of the wood. Don't work against the grain. Repeat the above steps until your entire surface is covered.
    • 6
      Let the varnish dry thoroughly.
    • 7
      Get some light/fine sandpaper and lightly sand over the varnish. This will remove any dust or debris that may have settled on the varnish as well as smooth out any imperfections
    • 8
      Then get yourself a paint brush and reapply the varnish again working along the grain. Varnish the entire surface using the brush.
    • 9
      Let dry and then admire your work!

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