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How to Ship or Mail Package to APO PPO Address

Hi! I recently had to send a package priority mail to an APO PPO address but didn't know how. I was also worried about cost and wanted to minimize that as well (it's cheap ). It's pretty easy, read on to learn How to Ship or Mail Package to APO PPO Address



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      First, understand that APO PPO shipping is generally for sending something to armed services personnel overseas. It is cheap because the APO PPO address just gets the mail to a domestic post office where the military then delivers overseas. You only pay the shipment cost to the domestic post office within the country you are shipping out of (USA in this case) .
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      First, go to and type CUSTOMS FORMS in the search block, then CUSTOM FORMS ON-LINE
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      Then look up form 2976-A . You'll need to fill this out assuming your package is 16 oz or more (which it probably is)and you know the ultimate destination is overseas (again, it probably is, check with the recipient). This is your customs documentation for this item.
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      Fill in all the required information in sender section. This is your contact info. Pretty self explanatory
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      Fill in the "TO" address, which is the APO PPO address of the person you are shipping to and their contact info. You may need to contact the recipient in advance to be sure you have 1) the right country they are in (it won't be obvious on the APO PPO address) as well as 2) Their phone number. The form will require this info.
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      There's also a section to fill out in case of non-delivery (in case the package can't be delivered due to documentation problems, problems with address, person your are shipping to moved, etc etc.) Fill this out to determine if you want to pay to have package returned, discarded, etc.
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      Click continue and then fill in the basic description of the contents based on the choices they give you.
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      Weigh the item you are sending all by itself. For example, if you are sending a baseball glove, just weight the glove alone without the packaging. Write this down somewhere, you'll see why in a minute....
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      Package up the entire product. Include inside the package a note describing the goods and your address. This is in case the box gets opened or damaged and goods are separated from box. Personnel can more easily repackage into correct packaging. Write APO PPO address, return address, and seal it up.
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      Weight the whole package.
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      I add one ounce to the weight to allow for documentation the post office will add to box. Enter this total weight on the form
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      For delivery type, especially for parcel sized packages, the post office suggested that I send "Airmail Priority". They said the 'surface' choice takes too long and you really don't save money.
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      Hit continue, then fill in a detail description of the goods as well as quantity.
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      Remember when we just weighed the item all by itself? Enter this in the weight section only. If you are sending a commercial good (ie you are sending on behalf of your business) you'll need tariff code and also country where your item was made. This doesn't apply for gifts or non commercial items
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      Print out the forms. Five will print out. Take forms and your package to the local United States Postal Service post office.
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      Hand customs documentation and package you want to ship over to postal clerk. If you want insurance or delivery confirmation tell him or her this at this time.
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      The clerk will fill in the postage and fees on the form as well as stamp the form
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      You'll be handed back one copy of the customs form and the post office will keep one copy. The postal clerk will then attach 3 copies in an envelope to the side of your package and ship.
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      That should do it. It looks like a lot of steps involved with shipping to this type of address, but it isn't so bad once you do it for the first time. Thanks for reading my how to Ship or Mail Package to APO PPO Address

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