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How to Know When to Pick Radishes

Best Time To Pull Up a Radish

Know When to Pick Radishes

I love growing radishes. They are easy and grow fast. You just have to know when to pick them! Read on to learn how to know when to pick radishes



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      Know when to start looking. Nothing grows overnight but radish seedlings start to appear in a week and the actual plant will appear within a couple weeks. Figure about 20-28 days you really should be looking for results.
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      Keep an eye on the stalk. Radish stalks will turn from green to a pink/purple color as they mature. This is a sign that the actual radish should produce soon.
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      Keep an eye on the soil. Yes, the soil. This is the key to knowing how to pick radishes . The part you eat actually grows beneath the soil as part of the root system. You'll actually see part of the radish eventually appear out of the soil. This means it is ready to pick.
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      Pull it out. Once the radish can be seen peeking out from the soil, grab the plant by the base and gently remove. Clean and eat. MMM, MMM.

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