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NFL Minimum Player Salary 2011

The minimum salaries NFL players earn is still a lot of money in 2011. The National Football League collective bargaining agreement ( CBA ) allows for an increase in the lowest amount of money an NFL football player can earn each year.
Compared to some of the huge salaries that top players make, the NFL minimum salary might not seem all that much but to someone used to earning a regular wage, this is some really great cash and it has gone up since previous years.

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According to ESPN, under the new CBA signed in 2011, the smallest amount of money pro football player earns in the NFL is $375,000 for a rookie and increases the longer a player is in the league.  For example a player with eight to ten years experience will earn $810,000 per year.  A player with over 10 years experience will make $910,000.

For the full details as well as other changes to the NFL market since the 2011 signing you can check out the full article here

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