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How to Fix Repair Sliding Screen Door

How to Fix Repair Sliding Screen Door

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Fix Repair Sliding Screen Door

Numerous things can go wrong with sliding screen doors on your patio or home. The most common problem is when the sliding screen door comes off track. Here's one way to fix this problem. Read on to learn how to Fix Repair Sliding Screen Door

Moderately Easy


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      Sliding screen doors run on a track like the one shown. This is the area that usually separates from the door and causes problems
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      Lift your door up slightly while looking at the bottom edge. See if you can see a wheel poking out from beneath your screen door. The problem you have is that this wheel came off this track or rail. You'll need to push the wheel up into the door and then put it on the track...
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      To do this, grab a stiff thin object like a kitchen butter knife. While holding the door up with one hand, slide the knife under the wheel with the other hand. Then press the wheel upward into the sliding screen door with the knife.
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      While the wheel is pressed up, use your other hand to position the screen door so that the wheel is directly over this track. When you have it in position, remove the knife and the wheel will land directly onto the track.
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      Slide the screen door along this track to ensure it is working properly.
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      That should do it! You can reclaim your patio or deck or balcony now that your sliding screen door is back in business ! Thanks for reading!!

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