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How to Determine Tare Weight On a Mail Scale

What is the Tare Weight Calculation - Learn Here

How to Determine Tare Weight On a Mail Scalethumbnail
Determine Tare Weight On a Mail Scale

Tare weight is simply the weight of the empty container you wish to use. This is very helpful in shipping as well has recipes. Read on to learn how to Determine Tare Weight On a Mail Scale .



things you'll need:

  • mail scale
  • container (box, envelope, tube, etc)
  • Item you wish to put in container
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      Establishing tare weight at home is very helpful when shipping goods as well as other tasks such as cooking.

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      Say you need to measure the weight of cooking oil. You certainly don't want to include the weight of the cup or glass you are measuring it in. You also don't want to have to go through the hassle of subtracting the weight of the glass or jar from your total measurement each time.

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      To make life more simple, let's calculate the tare weight using your mail scale then I'll show you how to let the scale do the rest for you.

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      There are two ways to do this. The first way is to put your container (glass, jar, whatever) on the scale BEFORE turning on the scale. Once your container is on the scale, turn the power on and give the scale a second. When you look at the weight it will show the weight as zero, when you remove the container off the scale it will show the weight as a negative. For example, if the box is one pound, when you remove the box from the scale, the scale will read negative one pound.

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      Put the same container back onto the scale. You'll see the weight on the scale is no longer a negative, rather it now reads zero. This is good. Now anything you put into the container will be weighed with the weight of the container already subtracted.

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      So let's use the cooking example. If you are measuring cooking oil, you certainly can't dump the oil on the scale and have it run all over. Put a jar, then turn on the scale. The scale will read zero lbs (or kgs) because it is not counting the container. If you add 6 ounces of cooking oil, the scale will read 6 ounces since it has already subtracted the jar.

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      The second way to do this is if you already have the scale turned on. Simply put the container on the scale. Since right now the scale thinks you are weighing the container, you'll see the weight of the container appear. Once this weight appears hit the "TARE" button on the scale, it will automatically deduct the weight of the container down to zero. Keep the container on the scale and weigh your goods in the container as instructed above.

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      I hope that helps teach you how to determine the tare weight on a mail scale . It is a helpful technique. Thanks for reading

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