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How to Use Stain to Finish Wood

 Finishing Wood By Staining

Using stain on wood is a great way to make wood look great while still showing off some of it's natural grain. Read on to learn how to Use Stain to Finish Wood

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Clean Lint Free Cloth
  • Small Bowl (optional)
    • 1
      Put rubber gloves on to prevent stain from getting on your hands. Also, please consider using safety glasses, stain can splash.
    • 2
      Grab a clean lint free cloth
    • 3
      Ideally, find a scrap piece of wood that is from the same wood you are staining
    • 4
      Cover the area under the area to be stained. If stain is spilled, you'll find it very, very hard to clean up. Use a drop cloth, old blanket, or lots of newspaper under and around the area to be stained. If possible, another idea is to stain outside on the lawn.
    • 5
      Fold up the lint free cloth and dip part of it into the stain
    • 6
      Wipe the stain onto the piece of scrap wood in order to determine if the lightness or darkness of the stain is right for you. If it is too light, let dry then reapply. If too dark you could pour some of the stain into a bowl (one you don't need to eat out of any more :-) and try to dilute it. Repeat on Scrap wood
    • 7
      Once you are pleased with the results on the scrap wood, repeat on the actual part or piece or wish to finish
    • 8
      To do this, simply dip the rag into the shellac
    • 9
      Wipe onto the wood. Try to avoid creating any overlapping bands / lines of stain. Any overlap will be darker than the rest of the work when it dries. I prefer to wipe stain on in direction of the wood.
    • 10
      If you find the area stained is too light, let it dry completely then apply a new coat.

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  1. Wood staining gives furniture a unique look. These steps you have shared are very helpful especially to those who are having home improvement projects such as this one. Thanks for sharing a very informative article.