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How to Install DTV Converter Box

Connecting Digital Television Box to Your T.V.

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Install DTV Converter Box

By now I'm sure you've heard all about the national conversion to DTV. If you don't have cable or a 'DTV' ready TV read on to learn how to install DTV Converter Box . This article covers with AND without a VCR/DVD player.



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      OK, here we go :-) ! This is a real basic set up. First, be sure you have your DTV converter box. If you don't have one, go to any electronic store and get one. Before do buy one, check the internet ( if the government is still giving away vouchers. If they are, get one. You'll save a lot of money. My box only cost $14 with coupon, other wise it would have been $64.
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      Once you have your box, check the owners manual to be sure that you have all the necessary parts. Mine came with 1) Remote control 2) batteries 3) owners manual/install guide 4) RF Cable(s) 5) and, of course the box itself.
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      OK, let's install! Put the box on top of your TV and plug the RF cable into the 'antenna in' jack.
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      For those with an external antenna (that is a TV antenna on top of your), plug the other end of the RF cable into your external antenna jack. This external antenna jack should already be permanently located on the wall of your home. If you DON'T have this, don't fear, just read next step below...
      If you don't have this, follow the next step....
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      If you have a home or an apartment that does NOT have an external antenna be sure you have the rabbit ears (pictured). Then plug the rabbit ears right into the 'antenna in' jack on the DTV box (instead of the wall). When I installed, I struggled a bit on this step as my DTV converter box instructions did not have instructions for rabbit ears.
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      Next, plug one end of an RF cable into the "TV out" portion of your box. This should be located right next to the antenna jack.
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      Then take the other end of the cable and plug it into the analog rear TV panel as shown. This is on the back of your TV. Skip this step if you wish to run the line through you DVD player.
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      If you have a DVD/VCR player and you want to run the line through your DVD player, instead of plugging into the rear TV panel, plug into your DVD/VCR player's 'antenna input' jack. OR, if you have an RF modulator for your DVD/VCR, plug into the RF modulator's 'antenna input' jack.
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      (Skip this is if you don't have or don't want to run through your DVD/VCR player). Then, get another RF cable and plug one end into the DVD/VCR or RF modulator's 'antenna output' jack. Then Plug the other end of the cable into the back of the TV's analog input rear jack (as shown )
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      If you TV has audio ports and video ports, you can hook them up as well. You'll need the proper audio/video cables. My TV does not have this hook up so I don't show it here. I do, however, show the ports in the back of the box. They will look just like the ones on the back of your TV, if you've got them. If you don't have them, don't sweat it, skip this step. You can still watch TV, just keep going below...
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      There's a switch on the back of the converter box that allows you to toggle between channel 3 and channel 4. Select either channel, turn your TV on, then set your TV to that channel using buttons on your TV or your TV remote (don't use the DTV remote yet).
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      Plug in your DTV converter box.
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      Put batteries in your DTV remote and hit the power button. Be sure the box turns on. Turn the TV on if you haven't done this yet either.
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      You'll have to follow a real easy set up wizard that your TV/converter box will guide you through as you watch your TV screen. Basically, it will locate your channels for you and configure everything so you can watch TV. That concludes how to install DTV Converter Box . Enjoy! I like DTV way better than analog since I get more channels.

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  1. How many channels do you get? I got a rabbit ear antenna and attached it to get only 10 channels, 2 of which are French. :(