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How to Repair and Make Cabinet Door Close Evenly Easy Cheap

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Repair and Make Cabinet Door Close Evenly Easy Cheap
Sometimes over time our kitchen cabinet doors droop and sag a bit. Sometimes they won't close or appear uneven or leaning down. It is possible to fix this. Please read on to learn How to Repair and Make Cabinet Door Close Evenly Easy and Cheap

Moderately Easy


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      Go to the cabinet door you want to repair and open it. Look at the area where the hinge is screwed to your door. Many cabinets use a hinge that looks like this.
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      Understand that the holes around each screw in the hinge are oval (if your hinges are not oval you'll need to try another article :-). The reason for the ovals is to allow a little play in the door when loosened.
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      Loosen the screws in all of the hinges but do not completely remove them.
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      The door will now be loose but still intact to the cabinet.
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      This next step is hardest to explain. With you hand or hands, wiggle the door a bit in the hinges to loosen it a bit. You'll notice quite a bit of play in your kitchen cabinet door because the screws are loose in the ovals. Try to wiggle the door into the position you would like to see it in after it is repaired. If the door is leaning down for example, push the door upward.
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      When you feel you have the door in the best possible position, keep holding it in your hands and close it. Keep holding it in place since it is loose in the hinges. While the door is closed, determine if this is how you'll want it to look. If you don't like it, go back and repeat the step above. If you do like it the way the cabinet looks, continue on..
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      While still holding it in place as best you can, open the door. Be sure you don't let the door slip or you'll have to start again...
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      With the door open, and supporting it as best you can with one hand, take a screwdriver and tighten all of the screws you loosened. Keep holding that kitchen cabinet door until all the screws are tight in the hinges and the repair is complete.
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      Once you've got the screws back in. Close the door and admire your work. Open the kitchen window blinds and let the sun shine in on your cabinet repair.


  1. wow, who would've thought repairing a cabinet door is this easy? The first time my mom ask me to do this i though its difficult looking at all the screws i need to change.

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