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What PA Pennsylvania Municipality Do I Live In?

The other day I was asked to fill out a form where I had to include both the name of the city I live in and my municipality.
 I always thought that my city and municipality were the same thing but apparently that is not always the case.  If you run into a situation where you need to identify your municipality but can't, don't worry, there is a website that will help you to find your municipality no problem.

I'll run you through the basic steps so you can locate your municipality.  This article is for those looking for a municipality in Pennsylvania ( PA ).

Step 1
Copy and paste this site URL into your web browser

(I think that is the easiest way, another way to do it is - Get Local Gov't Support - Municipal Statistics but sometimes I get 'lost' navigating this path, just plug in the above URL and you'll get there faster.)

Step 2
When this page comes up, look to the left of your screen.  There is a link called "Find Your Municipality"    Go ahead and click this link

Step 3
Fill in your address in the blanks provided.  Then click the "Find Municipality" button.  Your pop-up blocker will probably show up.

Step 4
If you get the pop up warning at the top of the screen, go ahead and allow pop ups.  I hit the temporarily allow pop-ups but I'll leave that choice to you.

Step 5
Your municipality will show up along with your school district. Municipality on the left, school district on the right.

I hope that helps you to locate the municipal information you want.  I like that website because it also provides you with your school district (PSD) code, school district ( PSD ) name and you can also review your local  / municipal tax rates. 

 Pretty handy and easy to use.

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