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How to Repair a Concrete Floor Crack

Repairing Cracks in Concrete Floors

If you have an old concrete floor at home you've probably experienced a good number of cracks. Repairing it takes a little elbow grease but it is not too difficult. Read on to learn how to repair a concrete floor crack



    • 1
      Very important, wear safety glasses! Concrete can splinter and fly into your eye. Also chisels and hammers sometimes break too... wear those safety glasses!!
    • 2
      If you see a crack running along your concrete floor believe it or not, you'll have to make it bigger, so grab your cold (box) chisel and hammer...
    • 3
      Use the hammer and chisel to cut back the sides of the crack. That is, make the crack wider. You don't have to make it too wide, just make it wide enough so that you can envision packing mortar into the crack.
    • 4
      Once the crack is wider, use a hand brush or broom to brush away the dust and fragments
    • 5
      Take your small paint brush and apply white general purpose PVA building adhesive into the crack. This will help the repair mortar stick better to the crack
    • 6
      Following directions on the packaging, mix your quick setting repair mortar.
    • 7
      Using your trowel, fill the crack with the mortar. Then use the edge of the trowel to level it flat so that it is level with the rest of the floor.
    • 8
      Sit back and admire your work. Let it harden.

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