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How to Get an Aerial View of Your House

How to get a photo from the sky of your home.

Hi! Have you ever wanted to see an Aerial view of your neighborhood or house? Do you lack the pilots license necessary to experience these views? Never fear you can simply look at it on the internet. This is easy. Read on to learn how to Get an Aerial View of Your House .



things you'll need:

  • Internet connection
    • Step 1
      It's amazing all the stuff you can find on the internet. Even a picture of the roof of your home! Pretty simple too...
    • Step
      First connect to the internet and go to
    • Step 3
      In the Google web browser type in your complete address followed by the word "map" (don't use quotes though :-). For example (not a real address but just a 'for instance' ): 123 Blogger Avenue, Blogspot, PA 19104 map
    • Step 4
      A map will appear at the top of the search with your address linked right next to the map. Click on the address link.....
    • Step 5
      An expanded map will appear. Now for the cool part, at the top of the map click on the second button from the right called "Satellite"
    • Step 6
      Give it a second and a pretty decent photo of your neighborhood will appear. There will also be an arrow pointing at your address.
    • Step 7
      On the left side of the map you can control how far in or out you can zoom. If you zoom as far in as possible, you'll have a real good aerial view of your home and surrounding land.
    • Step
      Sometimes you might have to pan the map left or right (simply do this by dragging the map with your cursor) to position the view directly over your home, but this is unusual. Typically the aerial view of your house will be just about dead center of the map.

      Thanks for reading!

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