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How to Change the Voice on Your Garmin GPS Navigation

Changing The Sound of Voice on Garmin GPS

This article will teach you how to change the voice on your Garmin GPS Navigation. This method may work for other GPS/Navigation makes and models but Garmin is the one I am most familiar with.
This is pretty easy but not many people seem to do this. I love it as it breaks up the monotony of the same voice and it's also kind of fun

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Your GPS/Navagation system.
  • Power source to plug into if your battery is dead or low
    • 1
      OK, you've been listening to the same American dude talking on your Garmin Navagation GPS for weeks and you want to break things up a bit. First select the TOOLS icon.
    • 2
      Then select the LANGUAGE icon
    • 3
      Then hit the VOICE button / icon
    • 4
      A screen will display showing all kinds of voices in all kinds of languages, gender voices and accents. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the selections
    • 5
      Pick the voice you want by touching it. If you want an authentic outback Australian voice, go for it! If you want a professional British/English accent, do it! :-)
    • 6
      Then hit the OK button / icon.
    • 7
      From here hit the BACK button
    • 8
      Another page will appear and hit the BACK button again
    • 9
      From here there is nothing else to do, the new voice is now in place.

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