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How to Scan Documents on Copier to Send to Computer or Email

Scan Documents on Copier to Send to Computer or Email
Hi! Typically I do this on a Taskalfa 400 Ci copier. You may do it on a different model copier but this article will give you a good, basic overview of what to do regardless of what copier you use. I find using a copy machine is actually faster than the scanner on my desk. Please read on to learn How To Scan Documents on Copier to Send to Computer or Email



    • 1
      Go to a copy machine that has scanning capabilities.
    • 2
      Place the paper documents you want to scan into the copier chute. Place them in the same position you normally would when making normal copies
    • 3
      Hit the SEND button on your copier. Be sure to hit SEND. Don't hit the 'copy' button or 'start' button, etc.
    • 4
      Select a name or names in the list that appears. The name you select will tell the copier which computer you want the scanned docs sent to.
    • 5
      Click OK
    • 6
      If a list of names do not appear, hit the ADDRESS button and then select name. For me, typically the names, mentioned in step above, appear without having to hit the address button.
    • 7
      If you want to send an someones email, select the EMAIL ADDRESS button. If you want to send to a specific folder, hit the FOLDER button. For me, there is a default that sends directly to shortcuts on my computer. If you have a default you are OK with, just skip to next step.
    • 8
      Press the START button. The docs will scan. While they scan the screen on the copier will tell you what the name of the document is as well as the destination folder to which the documents are being delivered.
    • 9
      Go back to your computer. The documents should be in the destination folder or your email. Thanks for reading my How to Scan Documents on copier to Send to Computer or Email

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