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Letter Count - Counting Letters and Words on MS Word .

There is a letter-count and word-count on Microsoft word that will, of course,  count the amount of letters and words that you type on your document.  Doing the word count is easier to than the letter count but only by one step.

Probably the hardest part of getting the number of letters and words on a word document is because it isn't a very obvious process.  Once you know how to do this, you'll remember it no problem.

Step 1

Open your Microsoft Word Document or create a new one

Step 2

Look to the bottom left of your PC screen.  Right next to where it tells you what document page you are on, you'll see "Words:"

See it?

Step 3
Right next to "Words" you'll see the amount of words that you have typed so far on this MS Word document.
OK? That should take care of the word-count.
Now for the letter-count
Step 4

To get the letter count, click on the same area where you were just looking.  Put another way, click on "Words:"
Step 5

In the window that appear on your PC screen, you'll see a number of statistics regarding your document. Here's where you find your letter count.

 "Characters (no spaces)" will, of course, tell you the amount of letters you have typed without the number of spaces included in the total.  "Characters (with spaces)" includes the spaces in the total letter count.

That should do it.  I hope that helps you to determine the amount of characters or words you have entered on your MS Word documents.

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