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How to Get Blue Cross Health Insurance Gym Reimbursement Money

Get Fitness Money from IBX

If you have Independence Blue Cross ( IBX ) medical insurance and you are signed up to get cash back on your fitness membership please read on to learn how to How to Get Blue Cross Medical Insurance Gym Reimbursement Money



    • Step 1
      OK, for starters, let's presume you 1) Dial a code into a phone at the gym to record each visit for health insurance purposes 2) You have IBX medical insurance 3) You've reached the amount of visits Blue Cross requires

    • Step 2
      OK, let's get some cash back from your medical insurance provider toward your fitness membership. First, ask your gym for a receipt that shows you are a member, paid up, in good standing. It doesn't matter if this form has the number of gym visits on it.

    • Step 3
      Write your name and insurance account number on this page

    • Step 4
      Then, when you get home, log into your IBXpress online account

    • Step 5
      When you log into your account, right to the side of the page that opens you should see a section called 'Fitness Program'. Then under  'Fitness Status' you'll see the date and below that you'll see your 'Completed Visits' with the number of gym visits you've made. PRINT THAT PAGE out.

    • Step 6
      The first step to getting money toward your gym reimbursement is to print that page. So print it :-)

    • Step 7
      Write your name and IBX account number on that page.

    • Step 8
      Then click the "Request Your Reimbursement" link on the same page. Note…. You might NOT see this… if you don’t then just click the link “Fitness Program Handbook”

    • Step 9
      Click "Download the Reimbursement Form". The 'Healthy Lifestyles Fitness Reimbursement Form' will appear. Print it out. OR….. if you clicked on “Fitness Program Handbook” print that whole PDF, or if you prefer, just print the bottom section where the form is (scroll to the very bottom of handbook and you’ll see

    • Step 10
      Write your health plan identification number on the top

    • Step 11
      Enter your contact information where it is asked on the form.

    • Step 12
      Sign and date the form in the proper section at bottom

    • Step 13
      Then, staple together 1) The receipt you got from your gym (if you go to LA Fitness here is a post might help you out with doing this). 2) the page your printed that shows your 'completed visits 3) Your ' healthy lifestyles fitness reimbursement ' form

    • Step 14
      Mail to the address noted on the ' healthy lifestyles fitness reimbursement ' form

    • Step 15
      You'll see your check from International Blue Cross IBX in about one or two months.

    • Step 16
      Hope that helps! Thanks for reading my How To Get Blue Cross Health Insurance Gym Reimbursement Money

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