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How to Tell if You Have Bad Breath / Need Mouthwash

How Do I Know I Have Smelly Breath?

Have you ever been in public and wondered if you have bad breath? Do you fear having potential relationships run in fear from your aroma? Read on to learn how to tell if you have bad breath


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      Here are a few ideas. "The Cup" Cup your hand or hands in front of your mouth and nose. Breath into your hands and inhale with your nose
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      The object here, of course, is to smell your breath as it leaves your mouth. The difficulty with this technique is breathing out of your mouth and into your nose almost simultaneously. The longer the lapse between breath leaving your mouth and your nose inhaling causes less than accurate (usually more flattering) results.
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      "The Lick" This technique is great but you definitely want to try it out of sight. It is perhaps the most reliable and underused method. To do "The Lick", lick the inside of your wrist (the palm side of your wrist that is,) and then smell the wet spot.
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      "The Lick" has a greater advantage over "The Cup" since you don't have to do the precision out-of-the-mouth into-the-nose-timing. You just lick and smell. Your saliva does a good job representing the same odor causing properties that are currently in your mouth. Just do it out of site or people will think you are a dog.
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      "The Buddy" This technique really requires you to be confident in yourself among friends. First, be sure you are with a good friend who likes you no matter what. Then, to do "The Buddy", face your friend and grab his or her shoulders very firmly. Then open your mouth and jam it into their face while making a hard hushing sound
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      "The Buddy" technique results vary widely but are interpreted easily. If your friend immediately breaks your jaw, rakes your eyes, or punches you in the face, then please, by all means, go brush your teeth. If your friend just looks at you as if you have a rose patch growing from your tongue, then you are probably OK.
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      Thanks for reading my How to Tell if You Have Bad Breath / Need Mouthwash

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