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How to Do kilogram to pound Conversion

Converting Kgs to Lbs

Do kilogram to pound Conversion

The vast majority of the World uses the metric system as their official unit of measure. Still there are a few countries that use the English system of measure so it is essential to be able to convert pounds to Kilograms and vice versa. Read on to learn how to do kilogram to pound conversion .



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      While the majority of world relies on the metric system, 3 countries, the United States, Burma (Myanmar), and Liberia continue to use the English system of measure.
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      A kilogram is part of the metric system. While not widely used in the United States, many U.S. companies involved with international trade and particularly U.S. pharmaceutical companies do a lot of business based on grams and kilograms.
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      For the record, a kilogram (kg) is heavier than a pound (lb). The conversion is simple.....
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      Officially, one kilogram (kg) is equivalent to 2.20462262 lbs . This figure is often rounded down to 2.2046 ....
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      To convert kgs to lbs, say you have 1 kgs, MULTIPLY 1 kgs by 2.2046 (or 2.20462262 if you want to get technical) and you'll have 2.046 lbs.
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      Conversely, if you have 1 lb and want to convert this amount to kgs DIVIDE by 2.2046. So 1 pound divided by 2.2046 equals .453597 kgs

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