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The Black B on Phillies Players Uniform 2011

Most refer to it as a black "B" but it is really a white B surrounded by a black circle on the Phillies player's uniforms. 

 I was thinking the B was a tribute to a famous player who had died but I was wrong.

Interestingly enough, a lot of assumptions that I made about the "black B" that turned out to be completely incorrect.  The black B on the Philadelphia Phillies uniform is:

1. Not a person, rather it represents two people

2. No one famous at all.  Few have heard of these guys

3. They were not athletes

Any idea who the white B in the black circle represents? 

 Well, I finnnallly found the answer from a good source.  The "black B" on the baseball uniforms is to pay respect for Alexander Buck and Jim Buck.  Both men died in the past year and were part of the Philadelphia Phillies ownership. For More info check out

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