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How to Convert Decimals to Fractions Easy

Hi! Next time you have a number expressed as a decimal and you want to express it as a fraction, look no further. This article will teach you the basics. I do not cover decimals with repeating numbers using a repitan in this article (I'll do another on that soon). Read on to learn how to Convert Decimals to Fractions Easy



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      First, take a look at the decimal number you want to convert. Count out how many numbers are to the right of the decimal point.
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      Next, understand, if there is one number your decimal goes out to the tenth. If two, your decimal goes out to the 100th. If three, 1000th. If four, 10,000th etc
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      Drop the decimal point on your decimal number (or erase it or white it out :-)
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      Then draw a line under this number. Below the line enter the number that represents the number of positions your decimal goes out to. This doesn't make sense?? Understood... follow example in next step below...
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      Say your decimal is .625. Drop the decimal point so that it simply reads 625
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      Draw a line under 625/ (sure I used the slash for the underline... I wasn't able to actually underline it here but you get the idea :-)
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      Now, .625 is three digits to the right of the decimal point. That means it goes out to the 1000th position... so under the line beneath 625, write 1000 such as 625/1000 (if it was just .62 you'd express it as 100 or 62/100, etc)
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      Now, technically you have a fraction. 625/1000. But you always want to reduce a fraction to it's smallest amount so that it makes more sense. To do so, determine the largest number that can evenly divide into BOTH your numerator (625) and denominator (1000)
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      In this case, the number 125 divides into both 625 and 1000 evenly. 625 divided by 125 = 5. 1000 divided by 125 = 8. Therefore your fraction would be 5/8
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      I hope that helps you out with your math and makes calculating decimals and fractions more easily. Thanks for reading my how to Convert Decimals to Fractions Easy

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