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How to Identify and Recognize a Silver Maple Tree

What Does a Silver Maple Look Like?

How to Identify and Recognize a Silver Maple Treethumbnail
Identify and Recognize a Silver Maple Tree
Here's a good, easy way to identify and recognize a silver maple tree .



    • 1
      Is it a rather tall tree? right.
    • 2
      Does the leaf have that classic maple leaf shape? I find the silver maple has that distinctive shape that people instantly recognize as part of the maple family.
    • 3
      Does the leaf have 5 major veins protruding away from the main vein? This is a classic characteristic of the silver maple tree. See photo in step 2. Note the veins.
    • 4
      Is the trunk fairly short? Silver maple trunk has a fairly short trunk that ends where the rest of the tree splits off. The one shown above is only about three feet or so tall.
    • 5
      Look at the end of the branch. Remember the stem color and leaf shape
    • 6
      Lastly, look at the bark. Is it fairly gray (silver :-) with long, deeply cut ridges? Silver maple tree's have this characteristic.

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