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How to Paint a Flush / Flat Door

 Painting That Door Right

Simply put, flush door is a door whose surface is flat. In other words, there are no panels in the door. Painting a flush door is easy but there are a few pointers to make it even easier. Read on to learn how to paint a flush / flat door

Moderately Easy


    • 1
      Wedge the door open so it doesn't move around when you are painting it.
    • 2
      Remove the door knob. If you don't feel mechanically confident enough to put the door knob back on, simply loosen the door knob enough that you can get a brush under it and use painters tape to completely mask the knob.
    • 3
      Find yourself a large drop cloth or anything disposable to catch the paint. Slide this completely under the door so that it is protecting the carpet in an area around the door.
    • 4
      Here's the interesting part. All professional painters know that the key here is to prevent an edge from forming as you paint. Some call this a 'wet edge'. It is basically a line that forms when one area begins to dry before the area next to it is painted. To avoid this back away from the door and mentally divide it up into eight to ten equal squares.
    • 5
      Start at the top corner of the of the door. Paint in your first block. Brush the paint out of each 'block' toward the sides and the edges.
    • 6
      Then move to the next block at the top of the door and repeat. I also like to use horizontal and light vertical strokes to blend both blocks in
    • 7
      Work all the way down the door. Keep blending the wet edges of each block as you go down
    • 8
      Don't forget the edge. If you have a nice looking hinge, I like to mask the flat part of the hinge that is flush to the door with painters tape. If you are painting the door two different colors, as a rule of thumb, the hinge-side edge gets painted the same color as the side of the door that touches the door jamb (the side of the door facing the other room). The edge that swings open gets painted the color on the opposite side.
    • 9
      Let dry for the recommended time on the paint. Also be sure to keep pets and kids away from the door :-). Then put the door knob back on.
    • 10
      Gaze at your work and be proud that you've learned how to Paint a Flush / Flat Door

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