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How to Print Screen Shot on Windows Computer

How to Print Screen Shot on Windows Computer

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of your computer screen either for printing or for reference? Maybe you don't want to risk downloading the image? Read on to learn how to print screen shot on Windows Computer



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      This is real easy but not self explanatory by simply looking at the keyboard....

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      I had to try about six different ways to do this just to figure it out (I'm a little slow sometimes :-)

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      Regardless if you are on the internet or simply navigating your own computer, first, of course, choose the screen you wish to print.

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      Press the ALT button on your keyboard (there's two on your keyboard pick either one) and at the same time press the PRINT SCREEN button (also called the SysRq button on top right). Press them at the same time.

    • If you want to capture the whole screen just press PRINT SCREEN button without ALT. Personally I find the ALT+PRINT SCREEN to work better on the internet and the PRINT SCREEN only to work better when off line. Not sure why ;-)

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      Then open a program that you can easily paste onto. I much prefer opening WORD but some people use photo programs like Adobe or Editor, etc.

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      Once you have the program open, press your CTRL button and the V key at the same time. This will paste the image.

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      Then save it to your hard drive or print it to your printer. Whatever you prefer. Hope that helps!! Thanks for reading my article on How to Print Screen Shot on Windows Computer

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