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How to Get a Car Ride to Work

Getting Driven To Work

Get a Car Ride to Work

Hi! Have you ever found yourself without a car and needed to get to work ? Have you ever found yourself in need of a car ride anywhere? Please read on, maybe I can come up with a fresh new idea for you.



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      This first one is too obvious. I almost didn't include it but though what the heck..... See if there is a coworker in your area that will give you a lift. Be sure though this is someone that you like being around. You may get stuck returning the favor more often that you think ;-)
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      The thought of contacting a friend or relative is another fine idea but, again, is too obvious for me to waste your time with here :-) Think more creatively like....
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      Try asking someone who doesn't work the same days or the same shift that you do. People have their own routines and the last thing they want to do is miss work or alter their schedule. Try someone with a schedule opposite of yours. Offer to return the favor if it is ever needed.
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      Ask a retired person. I'm sure you know somebody who is retired. If you are a senior, you may have friends that are retired. If you are a young person, I'm sure you can think of someone with a relative nearby who is retired. Give it some thought. They're out there!
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      Ask someone who is unemployed. Yeah, times can be tough and you might know someone out of work. This person might be happy to do it. You can always sweeten the pot by offering a few bucks for the ride. It could turn out to be a mutual favor for both of you.
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      Find someone you know who is out of work on disability. Okay, I'm getting a little cold blooded here, but you may know or know of someone. Just be sure this person isn't violating the conditions or terms of their disability. The guy with epileptic seizures might seem like a good idea until he puts you in the hospital, loses his disability, and is thrown in jail.
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      OK, another cold blooded one .... Ask a not-so-secret admirer. Do you have one? I suspect you're pretty good looking so give it some thought. You have one :-) Every so often in life there's someone that really wants to be around you, but maybe you don't share the same enthusiasm. They'll be thrilled to pick you up, drop you off, drive you to lunch, take you to the store, wash the dog, etc :-)
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      Do you know anyone that has an extra car? They might be fine with you borrowing it. If it isn't a tanker truck, offer to fill it up with gas as a thank you.
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      Consider walking. "What??!!" you might say. I admit, if you are 10 miles or so from work, it is probably too far. Believe it or not, if your destination is only a few miles, it isn't too bad. Be sure you are in good enough health to make the walk. Be sure to pack a small umbrella and anything else you may need in case the weather goes sour.
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      Call a cab. Yeah, now we are getting desperate. You may need to shell out the loot for a cab ride. Do you live near a cab service? No? Well, actually, I think you do and don't know it. Most suburban and even rural areas have cab companies. Try to call ahead of time for rates and availability.
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      Rent a car. Now we are really desperate and looking to spend some big bucks. One problem I find with rental agencies is that they usually don't have cars available the last minute. Try to reserve a car as soon as possible. Also, be sure to ask them for discounts. If you are having your car repaired, ask the rental agency if they give discounts to customers of that repair shop. I rented a car once and got a discount because of the company I work for. My company is really small too! Try it.
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      I hope that helps give you some ideas on how to Get a Car Ride to Work . Thanks for reading!

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