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How to Hire a Contractor for Good Home Repair or Remodeling

Get the Best Handy Man into Your Home

Hi! Home improvement is on everyone's agenda but finding a good carpenter, plumber, electrician, handyman etc isn't a sure thing. Read on to learn How To hire a contractor for good home repair remodeling.

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      First, make sure you are getting a fair price. Get quotes from at least three different contractors. If they tell you they are going to charge you for the quote, skip them and go to someone else. Contractors generally quote for free if they want your business.
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      Then, ask for references. Get names and phone numbers of people the contractor has done work for in the past. It wouldn't hurt to get an address too especially if you are getting exterior home work done as well. You can drive by the house and see the work. Contact these people and ask if they were satisfied
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      If your state or town requires home improvement contractors to be registered (most do) then by all means make sure they are registered. There are a number of places to check for this. Your state attorney general, your local chamber of commerce, you can even simply ask your potential handyman what government entity he or she is registered with, then check.
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      Next you'll want to insure your loss with their insurance! Make sure they are insured. Simply ask for a copy of their certificate of insurance. Make sure the certificate is valid for the period they will do the work. Check the expiration. Check the insurance company listed on the certificate to be sure it isn't a fake.
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      Get everything in writing. Don't do anything without a contract. Be sure it tells exactly what work is going to be done and for what price.
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      Hope that helps! Thanks for reading my How to Hire a Contractor for Good Home Repair or Remodeling

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