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How to Add a Signature to all Lotus Notes Emails

Add Your Name, Title, Contact To All Lotus Mail

Hi! If you are tired of typing your name and any other identifying information at the bottom of all your emails, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn how to Add a Signature to all Your Lotus Notes Emails



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      Basically when an email ends with your name, contact information, etc it is thought of as a signature. It is easy to set this up so that all of your Lotus Notes emails have a signature.
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      Go to your personal computer and open Lotus Notes
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      Then open your inbox
    • 4
      Close to the top of the inbox you'll see a TOOLS button. Click TOOLS
    • 5

      Then click on PREFERENCES
    • 6
      A Preferences window will appear and at the top you'll see a SIGNATURE tab. Click on this tab
    • 7
      Click the check box next to 'Automatically Append a Signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail services'
    • 8
      Just below the check box, click on the radio button that is next to TEXT
    • 9
      Below that is a Signature box. In this section, type in your personal info as you want it shown on each of your emails
    • 10
      Then click OK and your signature will be saved and appended to every one of your Lotus Notes emails.


  1. it is not the tool there is no prefrence.
    preference is available when clicking on file

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment “Preferences” is definitely in Tools at least on my version of Notes. You need to be in your Inbox (or even your sent box should work). Look for the tools button at the top of the inbox. The button can be found just above the inbox to the right. If you are looking up at “File” etc at the very top of the screen on the left you are in the wrong spot.

    I added a picture above to show you. The computer I use Lotus on doesn't have a paint program or I'd give you a whole screen shot.

    Hope that helps!