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How to Show Proof of Payment LA Fitness Membership for Insurance

I have Independence Blue Cross health insurance ( IBX ) and one of the documents they require so they can refund you money for your gym visits is a proof of payment form. If you use LA Fitness like I do You can simply ask the person working the counter at your local LA Fitness to print out proof payment..... HOWEVER ...... I find that they rarely know how to do this and typically either:

1) have to find someone who can 


2) ask you to try another time when they are not working when someone else (presumably better trained) can do this.  If you want force this issue, they can definitely do this as much as the clerk might not want to admit it :) 

Or.... you can simply print it out on line.... very easy to do... here are the steps. 

Log into your LA Fitness on line account (or register if you haven't signed up) 

Look for the Account Information link or equivalent 

Under account information you will see links for receipts , prepayment , etc.  you'll want to click on "Payment Information" 

When payment information appears look for the button "View Payment History" and click on it. 

(PS.... you might be tempted to click on 'receipts' .... let me save you a few seconds of time... don't click on this :) 

After clicking "View Payment History" you will see confirmation of payment (if you are all paid up of course), type of payment etc for the past 12 months.  I typically just print this page out. 

If you want to know what I do to get all the documents together for my health insurance fitness reward reimbursement, I can explain in more detail on my IBX gym reimbursement post here

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