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Angelo Cataldi 94 WIP Fails To Grill Christie on Superbowl Parking

Angelo Cataldi 94 WIP Fails To Grill Christie on Superbowl Parking....

 Kind of a sad that Angelo Cataldi,  sports DJ for 94 WIP , who enjoys complaining about everything never once asked what the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could have done to prevent the transportation fiasco for people going to the Super Bowl this year.

I would have loved it if he got into this with the Governor as to why people can not travel privately to the Super Bowl.  More is written here on the topic of not being allowed to drive to Super Bowl

I get it, believe me.  Angelo Cataldi is all roar and no bite.  Most of his rants are done in fun and aren't meant to be particularly malicious, but, a more direct interview with Christie on why he hadn't combated the National Football League more on this would have made things more interesting. There are far too many restrictions on how people can get to the 2014 Super Bowl in NJ

After all, it wasn't as if I thought he would be interrogating the NJ governor on Bridgegate.... it's just a game Ang, c'mon, hit 'em on this. Challenge, question, prob, even just ask would have been nice.

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  1. I'm not a Cataldi supporter, but that question probably didn't register with him or the rest of the WIP crew. He works for a Philly radio station and lives in South Jersey. The problems with the last Super Bowl did not have much of an impact in this area.