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Change or Make Unread Outlook Email Messages a New Color Like Red

OK, so you are using Microsoft Outlook for your email program
and you noticed that the difference between your read and unread emails is some bland light black and a bold black.  Why not make the unread emails change to a different color like read or blue or green or any color you like?

Adding color or giving unread outlook emails a new color is pretty s easy to do.  Let's look at how to change that color:

Step 1

Presuming you have Outlook open and you are looking at your inbox (but you could also be in draft, sent items, etc) click on the VIEW tab at the top of the screen.

Step 2 

Then just to the left, a little bit down from the view tab you’ll see Change View, View Settings and Reset view.  Click on the one in the middle VIEW SETTINGS”

Step 3

“Advanced View Settings” window appears. Click on the CONDITIONAL FORMATTING button.

Step 4

Make sure that UNREAD MESSAGES is checked (actually I left them all checked but in the least make sure UNREAD MESSAGES is checked)

Step 5

Then click on the FONT button in that same little window.

Step 6 

Then choose your color  (you can also change font size etc as well )

Click OK  (believe it or not I actually forgot to do this : -) .. Now you are all set.  I hope this helped you to Change or Make Unread Outlook Email Messages a New Color Like Red

Another Helpful Post .... Do You find that your emails instantly turn from bold to light black as though they are 'read' on Outlook (2010 or similar versions)?  I wrote a post on how to keep Outlook from turning emails to 'read' without opening. Check it out

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