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Get New Tab to Right of Current like Mozilla on IE 8

One Internet question I get often but can not seem to answer for everyone, including myself, is why won't Internet Explorer allow me to open a new tab just to the right of the current tab when I click on a link. Put another way, the question is "Why can't I open a link in a new tab instead of a new window popping up on my screen.

The answer that works for some people, but not me and many others is:

Open Internet Explorer

Click Tools at top of your computer screen

Select Internet Options at bottom of drop down window that appears beneath tools

"General" Tab

"Settings" button ... there are three (3) settings buttons. Choose the one at the bottom in the "Tabs" section.

From here, it gets a little controversial.  There are a couple routes you can choose that work for some and not others. Here are two ways to go

-Under the "Open Links from Other Program" you can choose the radio button "A new tab in current window" This is the most logical choice and, paradoxically, seems to be the one that works the least for most people. It seems to work for some but not others.

-Another option, that works for many more people, just not everyone, including me :-) is less logical, but seemingly way more effective..... under "When Pop Up Is Encountered" click the radio button "Always Open Pop Up In New Window"

Guaranteed Fix:

Lot's of folks have had great success with the above info but unfortunately many have not.   It is kind of weird. The GUARANTEED WAY to open a new tab and not have a new window pop up is to 1) simply right click on the link you want to open and 2) Select Open a New Tab in the options that appear
Pain in the butt.  If you have a fix to this issue, let me know in comments below and I'll be glad to update this post. Until then, I'll use the right click method or simply just use Mozilla where the tabbed browsing automatically allows a new tab to appear to the right of the current tab.

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