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What Kind of Sunglasses Does U2 Singer Bono Wear

 The singer from U2, Bono, Certainly loves to wear his sunglasses but I never realized what kind of sunglasses he wears or why in fact he wears sunglasses at all.

Lots of rock stars wear sunglasses for a number of reasons. Some rockers like the rock star image that sunglasses project. Other band members like sunglasses because of the glare on the stage.

Bono wears his sunglasses for a surprising reason. It is more medical than comfort or image driven.  U2's Bono also enjoys wearing a certain type of sunglass.

I linked an article below that delves into the topic of why Bono wears sunglasses. The article also talks about the specific brand of sunglasses the U2 front man likes to wearn.

What Kind of Sunglass Does Bono From U2 Wear
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