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Pedestrian Street Crosswalk Red Light Button - Do They Work

Pedestrian Street Crosswalk Red Light Button - Do They Work

Do those buttons you push on street lights really turn the signal from red to green?  Is that button a fake? I can not remember ever pushing the crosswalk button and the light changes immediately or even within a few seconds.  Not that I expect the signal to instantly stop all the on coming traffic solely to allow me to cross the street. Not at all.  I'm really not all that important.

That said, there is something to be said about the things we take for granted as real or just something to make us feel like we are in control.  Is that pedestrian button just there for my amusement or do they really work?

I found an article that delves into that very subject.  I thought is was pretty interesting as it addresses other things as well that may or may not work.  The author of the attached article below refers to "placebo" quite often when taking about things we take for granted as real, but really just serve to make us feel in control, when we really are not.

In short, he answer on whether pedestrian street crosswalk red light buttons really work comes down to location.  Some are set up to make the signal change green and others are disconnected so that you will not get the green light.  Check out the article posted below for more details. Pretty interesting stuff.

Street Light Buttons Real Or Not?

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