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Tabs Are Lost on MS Excel 2007! Find Missing Tabs Here

Yeah! When I moved from an older version of Microsoft Excel to MS Excel 2007 I suddenly found that all of my tabs from the older Excel program were now missing on 2007.

This, of course, was bothersome.  I probably have created hundreds of Excel Spreadsheets for business and personal use and now all the tabs are gone.  Will I have to recreate entire pages and spreadsheets on Excel?  How will I find my missing tabs.

Do not panic. Anyone can get their lost tab or tabs back.  Your tabbed spreadsheets are still there, you just need to make them visible.  The interesting part about this recovery is that it is so easy to do, yet it really isn't an intuitive process, at least for a casual Excel user.

I wrote an article on getting that lost tab or tabs back.  You'll need to use the cascade command on Excel, which I can teach you to find real easy.  Check out the article. I linked it below.

Click Here to Learn How To Make Tabs Appear on Microsoft Windows 2007 Excel Spreadsheets

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