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Put Cash in The Bank By Using Old Newspaper Again

Some people are spenders of money, some people are savers of money.  If you want to be in the category of saving money and cutting costs you might be able to hold onto some cash simply by reusing some of that old newspaper laying around the house.

Yeah, I know.  No one, I mean no one buys newspaper anymore right? Wrong actually! :-)    There are still plenty of subscribers to daily newspaper. Not as much as in years past, but still plenty.   If you are one of those people still buying the daily news in print, you might be able to put all of that excess newspaper to work for you.

I wrote an article on how so put cash back in the bank by using your old newspaper again.  I linked the article below.  I hope that you find it helpful. Feel free to comment if you have any tips of your own to add.

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Save Money By Reusing Newspaper At Home

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