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Find Verizon Internet Bill Statement For Tax and Other Records

I'm not sure if I can get a tax break from blogging using my Verizon internet and phone bill or not. An accountant told me I might be able to but I would need to print my bill and statements. (Please note, this article is not internet charges/blogging tax advise, I still need an accountant to run through that with me. I am not a tax expert, I'm just showing you how to produce the phone and internet bill statement :-)

I get email notification from Verizon each month regarding my internet and phone charges. I usually do not look very closely at this information so over the years I pretty much even forgot how to access and print my bill statement from Verizon.

Turns out this is easy to do, it just took me a little trial and error to get there. Hopefully, this article will have you accessing your verizon account in no time. This article will be most practical if you have never printed out, and rarely look at your Verizon internet charges. This might not work for everyone depending on how you have your account set up, but this is how it went down for me:

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

You'll be taken to My Verizon

Step 3

Look for the log in area

Step 4

Go ahead and log in using your Verizon username and password

Step 5

It might take a minute to bring up all your internet and phone account information options but when it does appear, click on the "view bill" link under "Account Actions" section.

Step 6

You will now be on the "Account Summary" page.  From here you can pretty much slice or dice the information however you want.  For my record purposes, I like to print out a one page hardcopy of the info.  You can also elect to save as PDF, etc.  but I print it out. To print our your billing statement......

Step 7

Look for the "Bill Statement For" box, click the drop down arrow.  Then select the billing statement date you want to print out. Then click the "Change" button.

Step 8

Then click the "Print and Download" link.  The select "Print this Page"

(note that there are a lot of other cool options you can do here as well such as sending to Excel, downloading to financial programs, etc.  We'll just concentrate on printing here. :-)

Step 9

Your Verizon online billing statement will appear on your screen, simply print out as your normally would.  You'll be a nice, concise one page print out for your records.


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