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Printing Labels the Easy Way on Windows Office Word 2007

Windows Office Word 2007 has a different look from previous MS versions.  When I upgraded from an older MS Office Word to 2007 I was at first confused when it came to printing labels.  Not that printing labels on this version is difficult to do. Anyone can run a label or sheet of labels on MS 2007. It is simply the layout or the appearance that might make navigating the commands feel a little different.

I wrote an article about making labels on MS Word 2007.  I posted it on HubPages and hope that you enjoy it.  HubPages is a great site for reading terrific articles and writing your own great articles too.   Check it out. I have linked it below.

How To Make or Print Labels on Windows Word 2007

I've done a few other posts to that should direct you to other articles related to creating labels.

Odd Shaped Labels:  This post will show you how to print a label that has a shape not shown on the Word manufacturers template. Have an out-of-the-box shape? This might help

Centering / Aligning Label Text :  How to get the print on your labels centered or aligned (left, right, top, bottom, corner, etc) properly.  Alignment makes your label look more neat and organized

I hope that helps!  Please check out some of my other posts on TurtleDogs Blog.  Thanks

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