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eHow WCP Log In to See Earnings? How? Learn Here

Any old eHow writers out there?  Are you having trouble logging in so that you can see the revenue you have earned?  Are you seeing the 'new' beta ehow site and can not sign in?

There is a URL available at least for now that will allow you to get in and see your earnings. I posted the link below. Some people think that the Facebook user log in is for this. I found that logging in through Facebook is really more just for readers who want to 'friend' each other on eHow. Facebook is not the nuts and bolts site to check out your earnings and account info.  At least from what I see so far.

I was on the eHow writer's compensation program for years. When Demand Media took over eHow and decided to do away with 'unedited' submissions and go to an edited format, they showed some good foresight and may have saved them from the volatile algorithm change by Google.

I still get earnings from eHow even though I do not actively participate. For this, I am eternally grateful to Rich the long time eHow moderator and to Demand Media which owns the site.

If you want to see your earnings and other account info on eHow, at least for now, click here or click on the link below:

This link will get you to the familiar 'old' page you are used to seeing.  This might not last for long, but I hope it helps for now until I find out more.

UPDATE!!!!!!   Here is the latest from ehow just a few days after I posted this.... here is the site they said to go to

If you hear any more news or updates on this, please let me know.

Please also read some of my other TurtleDog posts. I'd appreciate it a great deal.

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