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Do Less Cleaning of Pails and Drums Easy

If you are constantly cleaning your pails and drums you know how costly and time consuming this can be. Getting down into a large drum or slopping out dozens of messy pails is quite a mess. 

Depending on the type of chemicals that your store in your drums or pails, you might be able to avoid cleaning them all together. Or, you might be able to drastically minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning these out.

I wrote an article on reusing pails and drums.  This might not work for all applications. It especially depends on the type of chemical you are using, how compatible it is with certain materials, etc, etc.  Be sure to check with an authority on what your application actually is.  That said, check out the article I wrote on this topic.  I have linked it here and also linked it below:

How to Reuse Pails and Drums Easy

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  1. Thanks a lot for the article! Cleaning drums and piles is really one of the most tiresome and time-unfriendly processes ever! You saved much of my time;)