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Why You Want to Keep Local Streams of Water Clean

There are many reasons to keep your local waterways clean.  First, of course, is that it is quite possible that any particular body of water is used for drinking purposes. Sure, the water goes through various stages of treatment and cleaning before actually making it out of your faucet, but you still want the water to be as fresh and uncontaminated as possible from the start.

Another, big but less obvious reason, is for environmental concerns.  Every body of water, even the smallest of pools or streams supports a local ecosystem or micro-environment. Contaminate that particular body of water and you alter the ecosystem in that environment. Anytime you introduce a new organism through pollution, or kill off an organism through pollution you create a domino effect of problems.

For example, maybe pollution kills off a certain creature that kills termites.  With that creature gone, the termite population in that area increases dramatically. This could cause issues with the local lumber, etc.  Worse yet, at least for us, the termites might invade our homes more easily.  You get the point?  Regardless if you are a member of Greenpeace or a staunch industrialist, it is a good idea to do your part to preserve the quality of our water.

You can keep streams pollution free without ever leaving your property. It is easy. I wrote an article on the topic and linked it below. Check it out.

Click Here and Learn How To Keep Streams Clean

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