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Description Of Blue Claw Crab Males. Know Your Crabs

I love fishing, or should I say crabbing, for blue claw crabs.  Blue Claw crabs are fun to catch and are fun to eat as well.

I do the majority of my crabbing at the south Jersey shore bay.  It is a nice way to pass the time. The southern New Jersey bay is known for having a fair amount of blue claw crabs in its waters.

Some recreational crabbers do not give any thought to identifying male versus female blue claw crabs.  It wouldn't surprise me if some people were not aware that you can tell the difference between the sexes of crabs.

Identifying the sex of a blue claw crab is easy to do.  I wrote an article on the topic and linked it below.  Please check it out.

Click Here to Learn What a Male Blue Claw Crab Looks Like
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